Prospectus Feature: Winning at the Cost of Silence

Attorney Sheryl Ring recently explained the legal status of his case, showing us how, from a legal standpoint, Heimlich cannot now re-litigate his case. If the team I rooted for drafted Heimlich, the statement would be clear: winning is more important than the safety of children, the pain of survivors, or the people who help them carry on. Her father, Heimlich's brother, called the police, but most members of the large family sided with Heimlich. Compare the case of Luke Heimlich to that of Junot Díaz. Thousands cheer for him, because unlike Díaz, whose job is to reflect us through art, Heimlich's identity is almost inconsequential. The reactions to Heimlich and Díaz are chilling, as are the reactions to any number of people who have dared speak out against popular and important figures. It's how we transform the strangely opposed realities of the Heimlich and Díaz cases into a rational, powerful discourse about protecting children in peril, and prevent those cases from multiplying.

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