An even more impressive dinger on a pitch that was probably off the plate inside: Juan Soto doing Juan Soto things has brought him some degree of attention around the league, and Soto might be, at just 19, the best position player on a Nationals team that also employs Bryce Harper and Anthony Rendon. First, Soto would have to plead and prove Simpson made an objectively false or defamatory statement. False and defamatory are not the same thing, and Simpson probably didn't make an objectively false statement; after all, he didn't say "Juan Soto is 23" on the air. A broadcaster can't doubt a player's age? Joe Simpson on JUAN SOTO? Which, reminds me. The third element, under a case called Jankovic v. International Crisis Group, is ordinarily "That the defendant's fault in publishing the statement amounted to at least negligence." But here, mere negligence isn't enough because Juan Soto is a public figure. In other words, Soto must prove that, at the time Simpson made his statement, he either personally knew or should have known Soto was provably 19 and had no basis to say otherwise. As I've noted above, Soto isn't likely to sue Joe Simpson for defamation.