Is Pitch-Framing Cheating?

Isn't pitch framing essentially cheating? Catcher knows it isn't a strike but wants to make it appear as one. Framing is the art of making a pitch that is near the zone appear to be a strike when in fact it may not be.... Framing is a subtle movement of the wrist that drags the ball toward the strike zone. Framing is a method of receiving the pitched ball from the pitcher, using subtle movements of the catcher's wrist and body, made for the purpose of presenting the pitch to the umpire in a manner which increases the likelihood that the pitched ball will be called a strike. Those criteria are properly interpreted not as the factors which make a pitch a strike, but rather the reasons an umpire may call a pitch a strike. Since the umpire gets to decide whether a pitch is a ball or strike, there's nothing that says that a catcher can't present the pitch to the umpire in a manner which makes a strike call more likely. That's because the rule defining a strike says that a pitch is a strike because the umpire says so, and then gives a list of reasons an umpire may say so. Nothing in the Rules says a pitch meeting the definition of a strike has to be called a strike.

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