In the past fortnight, the Tampa Bay Rays have taken to their latest strategical experiment - the so-called "Opener," a rearrangement of order that asks a middle reliever to pitch before the day's starter as a means of gaining advantageous matchups. The Rays will continue to employ the opener on Thursday, when Ryan Stanek takes the mound against the Oakland Athletics. Though the opener strategy remains an infant, its already causing terrible-two levels of metric madness. The Rays' 16 quality starts are the fewest in the American League - a somewhat misleading ranking, considering the Rays don't intend for an their openers to last more than one inning, let alone the required six. To wit, career reliever Sergio Romo now ranks third among healthy Rays in starts. Forman conceded Baseball Reference might tweak their leaderboards were Romo to end up among the league leaders in starts - a possibility if the Rays continue to tap him two or three times a week the rest of the way. Pavlidis said BP could resort to redefining how it labels pitchers by basing it around their workload - an opener who works an inning and leaves would be treated as a reliever, while a multi-inning "Continuer" would fit in as a starter.