Sandoval's sexual assault allegation is not the only one in recent baseball history. Women who accuse men of domestic violence or sexual assault often face harsh consequences in their personal and professional lives. As we develop, sexual identity emerges as an extension of an already formed gender identity, and sexual behavior tends to conform to cultural norms. As a fan and a survivor of sexual assault, I feel as though the biggest concern teams have regarding players is their ability to play baseball. The Joint Domestic Violence, Sexual Assault, and Child Abuse Policy states, "All players will be provided education about domestic violence, sexual assault and child abuse in both English and Spanish at regular intervals." This is a good step, but by the time players have reached the majors, habits have been formed, norms have been established. Rew Goldstein, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, "Police trying to reach Kang's alleged sexual assault victim, have more questions".

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