Angel Hernandez is not considered a particularly good umpire. There's more to Angel Hernandez than blowing home-run calls. Last year, in the most important lawsuit in sports that nobody's been paying any attention to, Hernandez sued Major League Baseball. Given Hernandez's history, it'd be easy enough to side with Torre here - and, to be fair, Hernandez's complaint makes it sound as though Torre were working for baseball at the time of his remarks, not as a manager of a team. Hernandez cites a "More troubling trend" - and it extends beyond just the way in which Hernandez himself has been treated. For the moment it's enough to know that MLB is saying that the court in which Hernandez filed doesn't have authority to force MLB to defend the case in that court. MLB named Hernandez to umpire the All-Star Game shortly after his suit was filed, though it seemed that stemmed more from MLB getting lucky than from anything else.

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