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How this new data can be used, and who has access to it, has quickly become the most contested aspect of wearable technology in baseball.

After taking apart and examining twenty-six baseballs, a possible explanation for the rise in both home runs and pitcher blisters emerged: The laces in the newer baseballs are noticeably different.

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New testing suggests the baseball is at least partially responsible for MLB’s huge homer spike

What does it mean for the rest of the season?

On 6,105 occasions last season, a major leaguer walked to the plate and hammered a baseball over the outfield wall. The 2017 season broke the home run record th…

Diving into the treasure trove of data finds as many questions as answers.

BAM admits that its "expected" statistics were never designed to predict anything. Does it matter?

The Shift is dying under an avalanche of walks.

How do diuretics like furosemide, often used to mask PEDs, actually work …

Following numerous studies, an MLB commission has confirmed that the baseball has changed since mid-2015.

How has the baseball evolved over two centuries? Moderately, but notably enough to change outcomes.

The Rays' newest strategy could change a lot about how MLB stats are displayed by stat trackers

"A very rare combination of extremely intelligent and gritty”: Dodgers righty Ross Stripling followed the numbers to formulate an unusual pitching strategy that's working for him—and for the Dodgers.

Since he was hired as the Astros general manager in December 2011, Jeff Luhnow has never been shy in...

There are hundreds of transactions in a major-league season. This is how Mitch Walding became the 19,264th player in major-league history.

The debate over Luke Heimlich's past misses the discussion we need to have about …

Do we only care about little girls until we want to win baseball games?

Jake Arrieta unloaded on the Phillies' defensive shifting after a "horseshit" sweep in San Francisco. He's spot on, according to some metrics assessing the team's use of shifts.

The amateur scouts who grind for 12 months to make a draft successful have something in common — and it’s also what draws them to the ballplayers they will end up pounding the table for.

It's the pitching, stupid …

The game needs to do more at all levels, but particularly for youth athletes …

LGBT people are a part of baseball's past and present. They're also a …

A record of the dialogue between Terry Collins and Tom Hallion wasn't ever supposed …

It's time to reexamine MLB's Domestic Violence Policy …